Cow Stream Hot Springs
I’m quite keen on checking any hot springs out. There are a whole lot apparently in a straight line from Cow Stream to Welcome Flats and there were even some on the road near Fox Glacier in former times.
They are in sequence as far as I can recall…Cow Stream, Sylvia Flats, Top Hope (Hot Springs Creek), Mackenzie Stream, Hurunui, South Hurunui, Deception, Otehake, some smelly one near the Otira gorge, Julia, Waitaha, Smythe Hut, Hot Springs Flat - Mid Wanganui, Amethyst and Welcome Flats. There are also the Haupiri Springs but I don’t know if they are part of this line.
So…this spring we did a trip into the Edwards River south of L. Tennyson and a circuit. When I got home, I wrote up the trip and put it on this site. I was looking at the route on Freshmap and noticed a red cross (hot spring symbol). It’s not on our 260 series topomap but it is marked on the old inch to the mile map.
Well, I had to go back and check it out. Someone told me it was only ankle deep but luckily that’s currently not the case. Here’s the link on the New Zealand Hot Springs website: