One of our companions (12 years old) foot after a 6 hour walk in wet boots. Poor bugger, but he didnt even moan once!


  • debazin debazin I take my hat off to this young man. I bought lightweight boots to get me through St Arnaud to Lewis via Wairau Pass etc. Boots split in two above Lake Constance. Result is here... http://www.flickr.com/photos/28785333@N05/3279480921/in/set-72157613812623866/
    16 January 2011
  • bondy bondy Yeah the poor guy certainly toughed it out, we had an awesome first aid kit with us too, which would have certainly helped if he had let us know as soon as he started feeling the niggle but I'm sure he has learned his lesson now. He will be feeling it for a while!
    7 January 2011
  • chris1 chris1 OUCH, for sure! Please encourage the poor guy to speak up next time and do something about it - I have seen serious infections down to bone cause someone was being "tough" and ignoring the pain! (though that was over a number of days)
    7 January 2011
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