Rapid Creek hut May 1975

Rapid Creek hut  May 1975

An older pic of the hut after it had got its first replacement chimney. These days the hut has a stove.

I fondly remember the open fires such huts used to have. The stoves are ok but not the same. Quite a few local huts have had their fires/stoves pulled out & they haven't been replaced with any form of heating. This "sux" especially in the many instances where sourcing sound dead wood was not a problem.

A few huts and bivs not too far from Rapid Creek hut have been removed since this photo was taken. Rapid Creek biv, Noisy biv, Miserable Ridge Biv, Knobby Ridge biv, Knobby Ridge hut, Junction hut & Cropp hut come to mind.



  • glennj glennj In this pic Rapid Creek hut looks very similar to old shots of the old Lower Arahura hut. Just in case people are wondering if the labelling is wrong the labelling was done at the time the photo went into the album back in the 1970's. They were both four bunk huts of similar design & vintage, both were painted orange & both had chimneys replaced in the mid 70's. The ice axe in the photo also tends to reinforce that this is Rapid Creek not Lower Arahura hut. I don't recall ever having taken an ice axe to Lower Arahura hut. In May 75 DH & I took a high level route in to Cropp hut from Rapid Creek & then poked around high in the head of the Cropp hence the ice axe.
    21 June 2011
  • Honora Honora Yes, it's a lot easier to cook on an open fire but I learnt a trick from a possumer on how to cook inside the firebox. You burn thumb thick even sized wood to create a platform right by the door. This way you have a level base, enough heat and the smoke doesn't taint the billy contents. It doesn't use that much wood either though it will munt the fire somewhat though the embers at the back of the wood box will be OK.
    20 December 2010
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