Rapid Creek hut June 2008

Rapid Creek hut  June 2008

This is a four bunker on the TL of the Hokitika River not far below the junction with the Whitcombe River. It is of 1961 vintage & is the closest remaining DOC hut to the roadend in the Hoki/Whitcombe. The hut is just below the Rapid Creek tributary of the Hoki. This creek is problematic to ford after rain hence the hut has sheltered many parties over the years waiting for Rapid Creek to drop. DOC finished erecting a swingbridge over Rapid Creek in early February 2011 so the need to wait for the creek to drop before crossing is now part of history.

The usual route to this hut involves crossing the Hokitika River in a cage.



  • glennj glennj Hi Lew, I saw the bridge was finished when heading into Frew's on Wednesday. We had to use it too as the creek was up too much to ford.
    11 February 2011
  • lewshaw lewshaw talking with DOC Hokitika recently & yes,there`s a three wire or swing bridge going in.According to the local chopper operator,Bruce Dando,the approaches have been started.I will report when it`s finished.A bridge will remove this bottleneck,but flying over it last week,you could cross Rapid Creek with dry feet.Not so at the moment.19 Dec 10
    19 December 2010
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