View East from Top Crawford biv Dec 2010

View East from Top Crawford biv  Dec 2010

This pic was taken from the biv & shows the basin immediately East of the biv. Thought the ribbonwoods looked good! Guess with the cloud ceiling below the tops the eyes focus on the ribbonwoods & the tongues of snow whereas if the clouds were higher or absent your eyes would be drawn to the tops.

The talk is that the current Top C. biv will be replaced by a hut. The current Top C. hut will be shifted to the biv site and upgraded there with nothing replacing it on its current site. This makes good sense as the hut would be more use at the current biv site than where it currently is. A similar thing happened with the Top Kokatahi biv & hut back in 2008.



  • glennj glennj I was pleased to read on the Permolat Site that once Top Crawford hut is re-erected at the Top Crawford biv site the newly surplus biv will be used to replace Pinnacle (Crinkle Top) biv which is in a poor state of repair."
    15 February 2011
  • glennj glennj If DOC do pull out the Top Crawford Biv to put a hut on the site it would be good to see it reused somewhere else rather than scrapped. There is still some life in it! Putting it up on Whitehorn Ridge where they pulled out a derelict biv earlier this decade has some appeal. (to me if not DOC!)
    6 December 2010
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