Mt Hikurangi

Could be done as a day trip but probably better to spend the night in the hut. It is quite a climb. 1500m from carpark to the summit.

Contains data sourced from Land Information New Zealand and Landcare Research under CC-By.
Latitudes and longitudes use the WGS84 datum.
Day 1
Elevation range 249m – 1,754m Total ascent 1,625m
Recorded distance 10.9km Total descent 120m
Points 259 Average grade 16%
Start -37.855209, 178.086674249m
End -37.918922, 178.0607151,754m
Latitudes and longitudes use the WGS84 datum.
Day 2
Elevation range 268m – 1,202m Total ascent 687m
Recorded distance 8.6km Total descent 1,620m
Points 290 Average grade 27%
Start -37.905688, 178.0584721,202m
End -37.855235, 178.086694269m


Latitudes and longitudes use the WGS84 datum.
BRIDGE, PAKIHIROA BRIDGE -37.853368 178.088408
Carpark -37.855214 178.086585
Hikurangi -37.919045 178.060856
Hut -37.906097 178.058608
Statues, 21-NOV-10 8:48:31AM -37.903455 178.060445
Tank, 20-NOV-10 11:52:07AM -37.902402 178.059308
Tarn, 20-NOV-10 5:26:43PM -37.912513 178.053822



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