Kitchener Stream flows out of Aspiring Flats

Kitchener Stream flows out of Aspiring Flats

A short distance upstream of Junction Flat on the East Matukituki is Aspiring Flats. This is readily accessible as a daywalk from Cameron Flat where the East and West Matukituki branches meet. An excellent rock bivvy called 'Rock of Ages' is just a little further up on the left of here. Thomson-Turnbull Falls are worth a visit. It flows from Kitchener cirque directly ahead. Sisyphus peak is accessible(out of view to the right) for views of the East Matukituki.


  • aardvark aardvark Nikon Coolpix P90 Used it for some time now. And i know next to nothing.
    25 November 2010
  • lgwaddel lgwaddel Great great shot what type of Camera do you have
    25 November 2010
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