Top Trent aka Lagoon hut Nov 2010

Top Trent aka Lagoon hut  Nov 2010

An old Forest Service four bunker in the head of the Trent River. The hut is getting minimal maintenance from DOC & needs some kind soul to give it a good dung out and get rid of the mice. It also appears to have some leaks though it wasn't raining when we visited. There is no heating the open fire having been removed at some stage!

This hut is sometimes called Lagoon hut because there is a large tarn & some smaller ones close by. The tarns were shallow and full of tadpoles when we were there and the water supply creek had dried up.

This hut puts you in easy striking distance of a lot of nice tops country. Best access is from the Haupiri River via Trent Saddle!



  • glennj glennj The hut book goes back to Jan 1992. On average this hut is visited by three parties per year including DOC & fly-ins. Only about two parties walk in per year. Kiwis are often heard near the hut.
    9 November 2010
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