• Where can I find good, basic information about New Zealand?
    Try NewZealand.com's Key Facts and FourCorners.co.nz's New Zealand Facts.
  • Do I need to book?
    While most tracks are on public land, they can get very busy, and huts can get full. You will need to book your accommodation on some of the "Great Walks". You may also need to book some alpine huts. Private or guided walks will need to be booked. Most huts and tracks cannot be booked.
  • I would like to make a booking for the Milford / Routeburn / . . . Track. Can you do this? No. New Zealand Tramper is not a booking agent for any tracks, public or private. You need to contact the operators for private walks or guided walks, or book Great Walks via DOC.
  • I am a long-distance runner, and I wish to run the Milford Track / . . . in one day. Can I do this?
    Charges for Great Walks are for accommodation only. There is no charge to walk (or run) the track. Be sure to check conditions with DOC first, and sign intentions forms. Be aware that this track enters an alpine environment, and that conditions can change rapidly.
  • I am looking for a 4 day walk with huts, and food provided at the huts.
    There are a few tracks like this. The Queen Charlotte Track and Banks Peninsula Track are good examples. There are many others available too.
  • Are there any tracks that run the length of New Zealand?
    The Te Araroa ("Long Pathway") is under construction at the moment, and some sections of the track are open. It is a project of the Te Araroa Trust.
  • What maps do I need?
    Generally, the NZTopo50 maps are best for tramping. Explore a map of New Zealand here. Read more.