Dickie Spur hut July 1975

Dickie Spur hut  July 1975

This hut is in the scrub tussock transition zone on a spur running east toward the Tuke River off the northern end of Dickie Ridge. The Tuke flows into the Mikonui River.

Dickie Spur hut is a good base for exploring Dickie Ridge and the head of the Tuke River. It used to be a cosy hut when the stove was there but DOC removed the stove.

The back fell off my camera that trip hence the strange photo! Two noteworthy things spring to mind re this hut. Once on the way in below Truran Saddle we saw a big flock of Kakariki. One night we were woken by a dog up on Dickie Ridge howling at the moon.



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