Toaroha Saddle biv 2009

Toaroha Saddle biv  2009

Here is a close up shot of the biv taken just after day break as we were about to leave for the Toaroha roadend. It is the Mungo valley in the background. MM & I had stayed the night there having left Mullins Basin hut the previous morning, climbed Mt Ross, visited Frisco hut, reascended the range & traversed to the biv.

I remember the old biv at much the same site as this one. It was one of the lower (dog kennel) models.



  • glennj glennj I can recall a couple of odd things that happened at the old biv. One time I went into the biv and there was a five year old newspaper opened out at an article about my sister. Another time after stopping to make use of the NZFS kerosene cooker to boil up during foul weather I headed to the lee of the biv to relieve myself. Don't know who got the biggest fright me or the chamois that I almost stood on. It had been sheltering outside in the lee of the biv only metres from me inside.
    21 September 2010
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