Sir Robert hut 1974

Sir Robert hut  1974

This hut is located on the TL near the stream in the head basin of Sir Robert Creek. The hut is amongst flax and scrub a short distance from the tussock zone upstream. Sir Robert Creek is a tributary of the Mungo River. Mungo is in turn is a tributary of the Hokitika River.

This is a truly remote hut and used to attract very few walk in visitors! It is two days walking to reach this hut.



  • glennj glennj Good luck with the wx & your trip. JH & I are planning to walk to Sir Robert, Mungo, the new Bluff hut etc. some time in the first quarter of 2011. It will be a nostalgic trip for me not having visited those huts for over 30 years.
    20 December 2010
  • lewshaw lewshaw always good to see a bit of history,including our hairstyles.Crumbs,even I sported some curls then!We are about to leave on a circuit,Rakaia,Whitcombe,Frews Biv,Sir Robert & out the Toaroha.10 day job,once the NW eases & puts the rivers down.
    20 December 2010
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