Mullins Basin hut April 2008

Mullins Basin hut  April 2008

Mullins Basin hut is a four bunk hut situated in the head basin of Mullins Creek a TL tributary of the Toaroha River. The basin is tucked into the eastern side of the Diedrich Range. The hut is a good base for climbing Mts Ross or O'Connor.



  • Honora Honora I did a wee snip on the start of the route to the Jumbletops with a pair of red secateurs, trying to consolidate the route a bit. Merv lost them around there the next day when he was improving things a bit. I'll put a jpg of the route up on this site.
    25 September 2010
  • Andrew Barker Andrew Barker The track to this hut from the valley floor was completely recut in July 2010. Cheers
    22 September 2010
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