Jade Prospectors hut at Olderog/Jade Ck confluence Feb 2009

Jade Prospectors hut at Olderog/Jade Ck confluence  Feb 2009

This hut is known by the names of both the creeks it is at the confluence of. We used to call it Olderog Creek Hut but it is also known by the name Jade Creek Hut and it appears in some printed material by this name.

The hut is more or less derelict. It leaks from above the stove & is messy inside. It could still provide useful shelter if trapped by flooded Jade & Olderog Creeks. The track up to Lower Olderog biv starts at the base of the face directly behind this hut.

This hut dates from the early 1960's and was a base for Westland Greenstone Ltd. Gvt cullers also made use of this hut until 1972. Another Westland Greenstone Ltd hut (now gone) was once at the confluence of Olderog Creek & the Arahura River.



  • glennj glennj The late Bernie Radomski & Alastair Provis both ex deer cullers & prominent in the jade industry passed on some of the history of this area to me.
    21 July 2013
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