Mural gracing Koropuku hut

Mural gracing Koropuku hut

I snapped this to show my partner how cultured the inhabitants of back country huts can be. It is topical and has a certain quality about it! Pity about the crease tho.



  • Steve Azula Steve Azula Aardvark was perceptive in viewing the crease as representing a fault or line of is clearly a boundarie/ is interesting how on the left the mountains penetrate into the picture not only from below but from above also...while on the right it is almost as if the tramper/the in-divi-dual holds the space open or pushes back on the intruding stucture from matter what we do or where we go we cannot help but be this side of the modern divide or rupture or crease...also 'shame' is the result, so, yes, the 'crease is a shame'(Honora).
    30 May 2011
  • aardvark aardvark Isn't the crease representing the Alpine faultline?
    26 September 2010
  • Honora Honora The crease is a shame. It happened on my virgin trip into the hut in the middle of winter. We had very strong winds when we walked in. So strong that all the party mutineed on our leader (Frank). So the painting is titled,"Frank looking for his missing party" as he wondered where the hell we'd got to once he realized he was on his own!
    26 September 2010
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