"Old" Bluff hut (Removed) 1974

"Old" Bluff hut (Removed)  1974

This is the "old" Bluff hut that has been shifted to the new site & upgraded. We will visit the new site early in 2011. If a photo of the new hut hasn't been posted on this site by the time we return I'll get a pic on here.



  • glennj glennj Well we did eventually get to the "new" Bluff hut in April 2011 and because no one else has posted photos of the new hut I've put a couple on here. I did see in the hut book that member "lewshaw" has visited.
    2 May 2011
  • Jono51 Jono51 Awesome looking hut mate, nice to see some of the good older ones
    12 September 2010
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