Uncle Ray's old tramping boots

Uncle Ray's old tramping boots

These boots date from the late 1940's or early 1950's and saw service in Westland then the Volcanic Plateau/King Country area before sitting in a shed for over 50 years. Guess they could tell some stories!


  • glennj glennj I did think about wearing them but gave the idea away when I realised they were the wrong size. Back in the 70's I experimented with nails & or triconis on boots & found them useful in bush and tussock country. Like you I'm not sure about metal heel and toe plates though and have never used boots with them fitted! When logging I've worn spiked safety gumboots; they give excellent grip & are good to walk in believe it or not but get too hot in summer conditions.
    8 September 2010
  • FrankB FrankB They look good enough that with a scrape, a liberal coating of dubbin to refresh the leather and new laces there might yet be some service still in them. Not too sure about stepping on a rock surface with those heel plates though. Very well preserved for their age.
    7 September 2010
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