Griffin Creek hut August 2010

Griffin Creek hut  August 2010

Here is another pic of the hut but this one shows Razorback Ridge in the headwaters of Griffin Creek as a backdrop.

The hut, due to various individual touches, is very different than it was in the mid 70's. It now has a quirkiness only rivalled by Korupuku hut amongst the huts I've visited.



  • glennj glennj Ta nzbazza. Hope others find them of interest as well. I'm new to this site & saw I could help by supplying photos of huts that were listed but not illustrated. I've also started adding huts that have missed being listed to date. Will keep trickling them on!
    28 August 2010
  • nzbazza nzbazza Been enjoying all these photos of huts from a part of the country I haven't visited very much. Thanks
    27 August 2010
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