Old Biv Waiheke River Sept 2008

Old Biv Waiheke River  Sept 2008

I photographed this semi derelict biv on the TL of the Waiheke River downstream from Slaty Creek hut. It's used now and again by the look of the inside. Does anyone know its history? It is presumably a relic of the days when deer & possums were worth good money.


  • glennj glennj This bivvy has now gone. I heard it was removed by DOC in 2016.
    2 April 2018
  • glennj glennj If you want to visit this biv it is easy enough to find. Heading up from the ford of the Tutaekuri River to Slaty Ck hut it is roughly half way to the hut. It is in a narrow strip of tall beech bush between the track and the river. Keep your eyes peeled to the left & you'll see a glimpse of corrugated iron. Alternately if you are on the river side bush edge & not the track check out the bush edge & you'll still see it. Coincidently on Sunday when you asked this question I was quite close to the biv at one stage after having walked down the Trent & Tutaekuri to the Waiheke.
    9 November 2010
  • sammanson sammanson couldn't add this as a hut so we have the location on a map please as looks intersecting to cheek out
    7 November 2010
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