Remains of bath at Haupiri hot springs Feb 2010

Remains of bath at Haupiri hot springs Feb 2010

These springs became a tourist attraction in the early 1900's. They were one of NZ's remotest developed hot springs. The concrete bath dates from 1906. There was also a tourist cottage at the site of which a few traces remain. The tourism venture was a bit of a flop due to the isolation. The cottage was badly damaged in the 1929 earthquake. For the last 80 years it has been hunters & trampers rather than paying tourists that visit the springs.



  • Byron Byron It would be great to see the old concrete tub put back into action, but it would take a bit of time and money to do. Plus the isolation doesn't help. The whole thing would need to be re-concreted. It's a nice wee spot in there, shame there isn't much room to pitch a tent. But then again Elizabeth Hut isn't too far on.
    22 August 2010
  • glennj glennj I see Byron has already posted a photo of the hot spring that fed the baths. These days people bathe in the the hot spring itself rather than the adjacent bath. Someone has blocked the feeder pipe intake from the spring to the bath presumably to raise the water level of the spring. In Feb the water temp was nice but this August it was too hot for me.
    21 August 2010
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