Boo Boo hut & woodshed March 2009

Boo Boo hut & woodshed March 2009

TL of the Kokatahi valley. High on a ridge well above the river gorges.



  • lewshaw lewshaw The name Boo Boo originated from an incident that took place at a deer culler's tent camp at the current hutsite in the early 1950's. Provisions used to be dropped in by fixed-wing aircraft and a bureaucratic blunder resulted in the entire supply of tinned cheddar for all the camps in the Kokatahi, along with the whole district's allocation of 128 tins of raspberry jam, being dropped at the Boo Boo camp. A pile of rusty tins about 100 metres down from the Hut bears witness to this.
    14 August 2010
  • FrankB FrankB Had to be a story behind the name, found same here,
    12 August 2010
  • FrankB FrankB I often wonder where the names of some of the huts originate, this one has to have a story behind it.
    12 August 2010
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