Is this the best place to sleep?

Is this the best place to sleep?

This is the veranda at Roaring Stag Lodge.Apart from the fact that i snore like a chainsaw ,i actually really like sleeping on hut verandas,i think you experience nature better.Its almost as good as sleeping in a tent and i dont annoy anyone with any snoring[unless they are also outside].


  • john dutchie john dutchie Yeah it was roasting inside the hut.Luckily the 4 people and 1 dog inside were very quiet and i didnt get any dew on my bag.I think the gale force winds around the hut blew any moisture away.One thing about sleeping outside is that you get to experience nature close up.At Purity hut in the Ruahines im sure a possum was trying to get in the bag with me,it was that close!
    5 July 2010
  • madpom madpom Slept in that exact spot the week before you - though due to the pissheads inside the hut, not my own snoring. Was actually very pleasant - a nice temperature compared to the fire-induced sweat-bath inside. Though the morning dew wouldn't have been too good if I'd had to use the sleeping bag again the next night...
    5 July 2010
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