Taking a stroll on Tongariro

Taking a stroll on Tongariro

Dave(lostone) is moving between Mangetepopo hut and Soda Springs whilst taking a walk up to South Crater. A chance to get wet and miserably cold with gale force winds due to arrive at any moment. We were so much better prepared than the group of schoolkids we found on the way. June 2010



  • Haqii Haqii It was a lot nicer 1 week later for a Tongariro Northern Circuit. No snow until after Soda Springs.
    27 June 2010
  • aardvark aardvark More fun for anyone who comes along a day after. The slush left along the track by so many people will probably freeze overnight and it'll all be icy.
    27 June 2010
  • Briar Briar Looks fun.
    21 June 2010
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