Aokaparangi Hut, Tararuas

Aokaparangi Hut, Tararuas

A comfortable two-bunker that replaces the Biv. Great alternative to Muangahuka Hut for small parties. Isobell in the background.



  • tararua monkey great photo john alot easier to find than the old bivy
    9 November 2010
  • jcmck Great photo - just passed through this way in May on a circuit from Totara Flats, Neill Forks, Maungahuka, Mid Waiohine and out over Isabelle and Holdsworth. Unfortunately didn't get the lovely view shown in your photo due to it being closed in and visibility down to 20m, may be next time!
    19 June 2010
  • John Saunders John Saunders Yeah, nice spot. The thing to keep in mind is that it is NOT on the ridge that comes up from Mid-Waiohine. If you're coming that way you get on the main ridge, go 20 min south, then drop down that next spur to the east to find the hut. A nice round trip from here is Muangahuka, Neill Forks, Cone Ridge, Totara Flats and back to Holdsworth. Avoids the vertical stuff!
    15 June 2010
  • john dutchie john dutchie This photo makes me want to visit it.Hopefully this year.
    15 June 2010
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