West Coast Streams

Arthur's Pass National Park

West Coast Streams

En-route from Harman Hut to Grassy Flat Hut. Be mindful that during heavy rain in the New Zealand bush, small streams will rise rapidly and present some challenges for crossings as there are seldom any bridges for these tributaries.



  • Honora Honora Fortunately, these small streams often become safe to cross quite rapidly so it is smart to sit it out and wait for them to drop. We had a little stream on the way in to Newton Hut off the Arahura just before where you drop down to cross the bridge, that we knew would be a problem so we stayed put in the hut and monitored the stream beside the hut with a stick to check when water levels would be dropping, which took a day then we crossed the side stream easily.
    10 June 2010
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