McGregor Biv

McGregor Biv

A small buishline biv north of Jumbo and south of The Kings in the eastern Tararuas. Amazing views up to Arete and on the upper Wiohine. The biv lies 15 minutes down off the main ridge north of Angle Knob. A signpost marks the turnoff. The biv is hidden from view - turn right at the last knob before the ridgeline enters leatherleaf descending. Unmaintained tracks also continue down to Park Forks, or to Dorset Creek givign access to Dorset Hut, Nichols Hut or Carkeek Hut (if rivers are low enough to cross)



  • Gaiters Gaiters My favourite place in the Tararua . Gotta love the old dog box bivs .
    9 January 2012
  • OldGoat OldGoat No was not replaced , old biv has been relined ,with insulation incorporated, new water tank and repaint.Similar exercise carried out on Mid King
    15 October 2011
  • John Saunders John Saunders Wow, looks like it has been replaced. Great stuff, when was that? Will they replace Mid-King too?
    21 May 2010
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