Kelly Range views over Kelly Ck

Kelly Range views over Kelly Ck

Moving southward above Carroll hut on the Kelly Range. Descending the range to Hunts saddle and returning by Kellys Creek resulted in a long day. The challenge lies in navigating the scrub on the descent.



  • Honorar Honorar Alan Jemison found a good route and Emma, he and I did some work clarifying it. Since then Frank and I have done a few days work on it, keeping it open and clarifying the upper scrubby sections plus putting in marker poles.
    29 September 2022
  • Honora Honora A local told us of a short narrow boulder field which we descended. Then we traversed about 50m through some not very nice scrub (neinei)and followed a little stream down. This was easy travel and avoided the heinous scrub I have heard reports of. We emerged a bit downstream of Hunt Saddle on the Kelly Creek side. I'll have to go back and gps it! I don't think it's the little scree marked on the map.
    8 May 2010
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