Mt Bealey - Lyell Peak - Avalanche Peak Traverse

  • 1 day loop track
  • Medium

A classic traverse from Mt Bealey to Avalanche Peak

Avalanche Peak • By matthew.
Mt Bealey - Lyell Peak - Avalanche Peak Traverse: Key information
Walking time
1 day
7 hr – 9 hr
Loop track
Loop track
No bookings — open access
No — open access
Mt Bealey - Lyell Peak - Avalanche Peak Traverse: Find it
Arthurs Pass village
750m – 1,836m
Altitude change 1,086m
You can do this walk in either direction but if you start at the Mt Bealey end first you get the scramble out of the way, leaving straightforward ridge tops travel for the second half of the walk. The track to Mt Bealey climbs steadily through the bush before emerging after about an hour or so on a ridge. There are no poles here but the path is easy to follow as it winds its way up the ridge to the low peak of Mt Bealey. It dips then climbs to the summit of Mt Bealey (1833m) where you have an option of running down the scree slope into the stream if you need an out. The next hour is scrambling on delicate, flaky rock as you approach Lyell Peak. Then the ridge broadens and is easy walking as you come to the last final climb to gain the summit of Avalanche Peak (1836m). From here you can take either Scotts Track or the Avalanche Creek Track to descend to the village and complete your walk.
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