birds-eye view

birds-eye view

Looking from Waharoa Saddle down Pfeifer Stream & to Lake Kaurapataka



  • lewshaw lewshaw No no no,we got triple flybuys at the top of the scree,after ascending from pfeifer Creek.This shot was taken on the way down.If you have the co-ords for the cairn at the scree-top,we`d be grateful.We made a pigs-ear of it & landed up grovelling in the monkeyscrub,after the scree turned to solid rock.We ran out of daylight to make the biv,but had a cosy camp by a tarn in the basin east of the biv basin. Lew
    3 November 2010
  • Honora Honora This is where you recharge your fly-bys card!
    26 September 2010
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