Closeup of the Wilkin Waterfall Route

Closeup of the Wilkin Waterfall Route

Hard to get a good angle of this! The route initially goes up the middle of the 2nd to the right snowgrass spur, then sidles upwards and to the right through the small bluffs there (using footholds and hanging onto snowgrass tuffs!). Next you angle up to the left following a ridgeline before running into the base of the next set of bluffs. The random snow pole seams to suggest DoC wants you to climb directly up the bluff (permanently wet rocks) but we angled to the left and went up a near verticle gut (right 3rd of photo) hanging onto shrubs and snowgrass. At the top of this you sidle up and to the right again and finally have one last long sidle up and to the left to reach the crest about a qaurter of the way across this photo. Ths last sidle is by far the worst, having to climb up and over 2 rock outcrops with nothing but snowgras to hang onto.



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