Terminal lakes of Park Pass glacier

Terminal lakes of Park Pass glacier

To the north of Park Pass (1175m) is Poseidon Pk(2208m) from which flows Park Pass glacier to appx 1500m. It is easily accessible via snowgrass slopes and some moraine from the pass.



  • pmcke pmcke Back in 1971 I went up onto the Park Glacier. In those days you could see the glacier from the valley below so it would have filled the whole valley in this photo. We went on the glacier but it was white out conditions so we turned back. We camped on the pass and during the night a NW storm got up and I remember the tent being blown away at about 1am. We retreated to the Hidden Falls Stream the next morning with everything saturated. It was a very liberating experience to have everything wet.
    29 March 2010
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