Mitre Peak

Mitre Peak

Camp on Mitre peak summit (1571m), highest point in the Tararua range, breathtaking. - 27 Feb 2010



  • craigo doing this for the second time this weekend, with the missus. First time I took my mate up he nearly died of exhaustion, I swear my nana would have been faster. Didn't get to the hut till after midnight. Awesome weather though.
    18 October 2010
  • John Saunders John Saunders Nice shot. And you're keen carrying enough water for camping up there!
    27 June 2010
  • john dutchie john dutchie Twice i've been up to Mitre and both times the weather has been crap!The first time we had to stop at Peggy's Peak the wind was so ferocious,it was actually dangerous.Wish we had weather like you did in your photo.
    21 March 2010
  • lisa_puddles lisa_puddles Yes very nice. The moon is the icing on the cake!
    2 March 2010
  • clive.s clive.s That is pretty darn cool. Very nice.
    2 March 2010
  • bigpaul bigpaul Now thats a cool pic
    1 March 2010
  • nzbazza nzbazza awesome!
    1 March 2010
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