Cordyline Banksii ?

Cordyline Banksii ?

In Damp bush there where a couple of impressive specimens is the discription right



  • john dutchie john dutchie This is definently C.Indivisa.They are the most impressive of all the Cordyline's in my opinion.I would like to grow one but they are a bit difficult.
    13 April 2010
  • MistaB I've got a photo of a pristine model of the same plant in your photo with my son in front of it snapped on the way up to Mt Stokes in the Marlborough Sounds about a month ago. I do not think it is Cordyline Banksii as the leaves are too substantial, and I agree it is probably C. indivisa as Matthew suggested. There is some writings about it somewhere where this is one of the few South Island enclaves of this species essentially North Island species. I've popped my photo up here ( as not to clog up this site with my family pics ;)
    22 February 2010
  • bigpaul bigpaul I really must get myself a book on flora the slower i walk the more i see. Funny that! there actually is an upside to getting older.
    22 February 2010
  • matthew matthew I think that's the mountain cabbage tree, C. indivisa. They're always rather grand and impressive.
    22 February 2010
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