Lake Kaurapataka

Lake Kaurapataka

"It can be beautiful from a distance..." (Holcroft) dis-tance - detente (softening)? de(to do) tente(softening) (or hardening? - dis tente)... IT can be beautiful from a softening which is hardened into softness, quietly, gently, historically...



  • chuzz chuzz "Many of the harbours are believed to be the flooded craters of old volcanoes. These are facts, always pressing upon perceptive minds, that should develop in New Zealanders a sense of impermanence. A sharpened sense of time, leading towards a conception of prehistoric solitudes that dwarfs the present outline of things, settles upon the spirit at the gateways of the Southern Alps and in the deep gorges where the green-blue waters slide swiftly down from the land of glaciers. To stand on some tussock hill below an assembly of peaks is to know that the country has lived a secret life of its own which is no concern of ours and which we can never hope to understand". (Holcroft)
    23 September 2010
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