The Indifferent Blue(s) from Mt Fyffe

The Indifferent Blue(s) from Mt Fyffe

Mt Fyffe Hut is well suited for views like this one...'In your atlas two islands Not In Narrow Seas'. Indeed.



  • Steve Azula Steve Azula "Never turn your back on the sea the mumble of the fall, [the mumble] of time is continuous...." (life means nothing and anything means nothing which is life i guess, so why would He Bother To 'Anything'...that is to 'Other' than nothing...i guess that that is always something...or not (as something not)...
    12 October 2011
  • MistaB Have you got a photo about a minute later? It would be a great one to demonstrate this: After the above, you get to
    18 February 2010
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