Ranger biv

Ranger biv

Ranger biv in early spring (2009) - one of the finest in APNP!


  • Bozeman Bozeman Was up to Ranger Biv this week. Track in great shape. Biv not so much. Based on the hut book comments, it attracts water. 10 entries for 2021, of which 4-5 were DOC.
    6 January 2022
  • Honora Honora However there's been no work done on the biv despite timber being dropped off to replace the bearers and floor by Craig Benbow a few years ago. Ranger Biv needs someone to sort it out as the roof is leaking quite badly nowadays.
    6 September 2020
  • Honora Honora Wow! DoC have put traps up our track and also established a circuit of a trap line from Ranger Stream and linking with our track from Fenwick Stream. Looking forward to checking that out. The section from the biv down to Ranger Stream starts a wee way short of the biv at the highest point of the track apparently. This is a win-win as the trapline will be kept open by tramper and trappers and it is now very well marked. Not the first time DoC have adopted our tracks either for trapping. I hope they adopt Worsley Spur and our Poulter Gorge bypass track but it depends on whether there are OFP around.
    6 September 2020
  • Honora Honora Frank has improved the draw of the fireplace and it doesn't get smoky inside the biv now. Unfortunately the biv needs to be basically rebuilt as the timber is starting to rot and Frank doesn't have the time to do that.
    7 January 2017
  • Honora Honora We did a great circuit which I should write up on this site. It was from Ranger into the head of Row Stream and over into the Cox, then over Cox Saddle and down Cherrywood Stream to the confluence with Thompson Stream.
    8 February 2012
  • chuzz chuzz Good stuff Honora, it's about time we went back to Ranger again as well. I've only been once but rate it as one of the best in Arthur's Pass! Cheers for all the track work!
    30 December 2011
  • Honora Honora Just came back from doing some more track work and replacing cruise tape. The biv looks good. Someone has dug a drainage channel to help keep the water table from the nearby stream lower. Nice one. The anti-rust latex roof paint hasn't stopped the tiny leaks which is a pity. The track is consolidating nicely. We saw a small pig some way up the track yesterday and prints of a deer.
    29 December 2011
  • chuzz chuzz http://tramping.typepad.com/tramping_report/2005/08/route_guide_to_.html
    15 February 2010
  • chuzz chuzz there is a pretty decent track leading up a spur on the true right of fenwick stream - thanks to the work done by Frank and Honora... (go to 'the tramping report' and see their handy route guide...) Its a great little bivi well worth the trip and it hardly gets used at all.
    15 February 2010
  • Ancient Tramper Great photo. What is the best way up there?
    14 February 2010
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