New Angelus Hut

New Angelus Hut

Construction continues on the new Angelus Hut and is due to be open on May 1st.However it has been heard that you will now have to book during summer months to stay here.


  • Dztramping Dztramping Spent a night at Angelus Hut in summer 2006. It was already large enough with the capacity of sleeping up to 40 trampers.
    6 February 2010
  • lisa_puddles lisa_puddles Great photo, definitely of interest. Thanks.
    4 February 2010
  • tonya tonya i would say that this is the first step towards the travers sabine becoming another one of the great walks
    3 February 2010
  • pmcke pmcke If they keep getting weather like that for the construction, it will be finished in no time.
    2 February 2010
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