I made a gigantic map!

I made a gigantic map!

An hours work on the mac and photoshop, I took BH/J 35, 36, 37 (6 maps!) and made one A0 sheet, may consider printing at 2 x A1s...



  • radup radup I had a similar problem with 6 Topo50 maps recently for both Kaikoura ranges. I decided to buy them from Bivouac shop and laminate them in pairs of 2 (back to back) so that they will keep dry no matter what. I paid around 40NZD for the maps and another 40 to have them laminated but I was pretty happy with the result.
    11 January 2010
  • clive.s clive.s I'm eyeing up a long walk across the Kaimanawa, trying to investigate lighter and cheaper options than carrying 6 x topos. The map I made covers what I need, and would fit on 4-6 A3 prints (ignoring some corners I don't need, need) and working from the TIFFs gives a better look than NZTopoonline...
    9 January 2010
  • Dztramping Dztramping Wish I'd have a bigger LCD and a printer that can do the job of A4 and A3 printing. Keep playing and you'll get there.
    9 January 2010
  • Yarmoss Yarmoss You know I was trying to do the same thing with a bunch of maps for Mt Aspiring park, but using MS Paint (just Cut And Paste them into one picture after cropping individually), and my computer was just throwing the most massive hissyfits so I gave up, and I have a pretty grunty computer I thought. I need bloody Photoshop!
    9 January 2010
  • pmcke pmcke LOL. You will have to keep going, you might manage the whole of NZ.
    9 January 2010
  • clive.s clive.s P.S., Downloaded the TIFFs and worked from them
    8 January 2010
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