Hihikiwi Boardwalk

Pirongia Forest Park

Hihikiwi Boardwalk

This is a new boardwalk that goes from Pahautea Hut for about 800m to a lookout. From there a rough track continues down to Pirongia West Rd. This has been formed as part of the Te Araroa Trail. See http://www.teararoa.org.nz/index.cfm/pageid/213/ViewTrack/294/Pirongia+Traverse#



  • bigpaul bigpaul While I hate board walks this would have to be about the most appropriate place to have one with the west facing aspect its always wet here and the foot traffic turns it into a real mission.
    10 January 2010
  • fruitbat fruitbat The boardwalk is somewhat extreme, compared to the rest of the tracks. If you are staying at the hut though it's worth going along it to the Hihikiwi summit for the sunset. You don't need to put your boots back on.
    8 January 2010
  • pmcke pmcke Does it? Not sure that it does to me. From what I gather the track beyond the boardwalk is awful so will probably need upgrading if this route is to be used.
    6 January 2010
  • clive.s clive.s Ah! Last time I was up Pirongia they were building this - all makes sense now.
    5 January 2010
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