Puriri (Ghost) Moth Totara Creek Tararua Range

Puriri (Ghost) Moth Totara Creek Tararua Range

What I believe is a Puriri moth that took a keen interest in my headlamp last Friday night as we headed in to Totara Flats Hut - encountered somewhere along Totara Creek track.


  • monkeysh1ne monkeysh1ne *Matthew* um, it had to be at least the size of an adult male hand (not good with sizes lol). Big enough to be manacing travelling at you at speed in the dark (just two golden glowing eyes and a blur of wings)
    5 January 2010
  • matthew matthew It seems to be huge! How big?
    15 December 2009
  • www.freewebs.com/hellmission/ www.freewebs.com/hellmission/ Yes it is a Puriri moth and they are out at the moment.
    14 December 2009
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