Cattle Creek Hut

Cattle Creek Hut

Very nice hut and tidy. Nice river for hunting. Would highly recommend this hut all though its a very warming walk back up to the ridge



  • Jono51 Jono51 Hey mate itss about an hour and a half to stanfield hut via the river bed then from its another around 2 hours to cattle creek hut depending on ya fitness, its one big climb up a ridge then just drops up and down along the semi open tops untill ya drop steeply 200m down to the hut which ya can see from the main ridge as seen in my other photo. its a nice hut so would recommend aye. Just read the hell mission website that you were going over to cattle creek hut aswell. On the sunday morning about 530 am me and a mate shot a 6 pointer just down from stanfeild hut. left the meat there and carried on over to the hut, very bad idea was absolutly buggered by the time we got out carrying the meat etc
    10 December 2009
  • shoda504 shoda504 How long does it take to walk from Tamaki car park up to Cattle Creek Hut?
    8 December 2009
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