Old Mountain house

Old Mountain house

Taken about 1973 this was in fairly ruggered condition even then. The stories of rats in the night where legendary



  • blairewington blairewington Surprisingly, despite external appearances, this palace could be made quite comfortable. When working for DOC in 1996 and finishing the track up to the burn we had the old Mountain House looking great; lino on the table and floor, new mattresses, stereo set up in the corner, etc, etc. Unfortunately all just temporary and cosmetic improvements but made our 10 day stays a lot more comfortable.
    10 August 2011
  • pmcke pmcke Yes, I remember staying there.We had walked up Friday night so it was dark when we arrived. I was just nodding off to sleep when the silhoette something very large went across the window sill. Needless to say we were all awake like a shot, all food packed into packs and hung on a rope from the roof.
    2 December 2009
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