Te Atuaoparapara, Ruahine Forest Park

Te Atuaoparapara, Ruahine Forest Park

What a day for tops travel! There are views over the Hikurangi Range, the Waikamaka Valley, Hawkers Bay, the Tongariro Mountains, etc.

Te Atuaoparapara is of 1687m height and there was a small trig station on the top. It's possible to camp by one of the tarns below it. In my case, I spent the night in Waikamaka Hut by the Waikamaka River.



  • bigpaul bigpaul It looked just like this the other day except the clouds where wizzing past at 140kms per hour climbing the last part was impossible we kept getting blown off not the best feeling in the world. I think I would have preferred not seeing anything.
    24 November 2009
  • www.freewebs.com/hellmission/ www.freewebs.com/hellmission/ Just as well as it was zero visibility when we went up it! No wonder why it was getting steep, just before this where the photo is taken we though was the top since we could not see our hands in front of our faces!! Cheers for the great photo!
    24 November 2009
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