More Loch Maree treestumps

More Loch Maree treestumps

2 days of no rain can certainly cause the loch water level to drop, revealing a sea of treestumps.



  • Ruger Ruger This site will shed some light on Alan Peat's search
    1 October 2010
  • glennj glennj The person you are referring to is Alan Peat. (a relation of the well known author Neville Peat) I had a long yarn with him at the Hokuri hut in March 2008. He was grid searching for the plane up behind the hut. Aviation historian Richard Waugh who I talked with after that trip is not convinced that that is the likely locality the plane went down. Regarding the Moose Alan is probably right that there are a few still left!
    1 October 2010
  • Yarmoss Yarmoss No, but then I wouldnt know what to look for. When I did the Hollyford a year later however I did run into an old joker (in his 70s at least) who split his time between the Martins Bay/Big Bay area looking for a plane that crashed in the 60s with 4 people on board, and in the Dusky area looking for moose. He had photos of hoofprints, trees with bark striped off them higher then deer and can reach, bits of non-deet hair... everything except a photo of an actual moose! Was quite a character. Cant remember his name but hes quite well known by the local DoC staff.
    1 October 2010
  • Ruger Ruger Moose country did you see any likely sign or browse in your journey?
    30 September 2010
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