Quite a crowd at Kauritatahi Hut

Kaimai-Mamaku Forest Park

Quite a crowd at Kauritatahi Hut

There were eight people at the hut at on Saturday night. Here we all are on the deck looking at the view when it emerged briefly from the mist.



  • pmcke pmcke The problem is that the area is very boggy, which is why DOC were going to remove this hut. The north south track has been rerouted lower down so this hut is at the end of a track that goes nowhere. It is great to see the hut getting a new lease on life but I think there would be limited possibilities for expansion.
    17 August 2010
  • Haqii Haqii This would be a great site for a large hut, it would get the traffic and the views are great.
    12 August 2010
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