Round The Mountain (Ruapehu) - Stage 2

This is a pleasant two-day walk around the eastern part of the Round The Mountain (Ruapehu) Track. The walk begins at the Desert Road and ends at the Ohakune Mountain Road with an overnight stop at Rangipo Hut. (You can get transport to the Desert Road Entry from the Turangi Motor Camp - see additional info on the forum)

Contains data sourced from Land Information New Zealand and Landcare Research under CC-By.
Latitudes and longitudes use the WGS84 datum.
Elevation range 918m – 1,564m Total ascent 2,206m
Recorded distance 37.1km Total descent 1,974m
Points 3,760 Average grade 11%
Start -39.227271, 175.732583918m
End -39.329614, 175.4956791,150m


Latitudes and longitudes use the WGS84 datum.
Desert Road Entry Point -39.227250 175.732611
Mangahuehue Hut, River -39.342639 175.550667
Mangatoetoe Stream, River -39.239222 175.657778
Mangatoetoenui Stream -39.239222 175.657778
Ohakune Mountain Road Entry Point, Bush -39.329667 175.495722
Rangipo Hut -39.300083 175.623833
Rotokawa Tarn, Bush -39.331889 175.504750
Swing Bridge, Bush -39.340000 175.533528
Waihohonu Bridge near hut -39.208472 175.679611



  • Roderick Roderick Ash, The track is much easier than the Tongaririo Crossing. If you or your colleagues can handle that, then you will have no problem on the Round The Mountain track. The track from the Desert Road to Ohakune is a little rough in places, but well-marked. It has many board-walks once you reach the bush toward Mangaehuehu Hut. A 10-11 year old would have no problem. Nor would a 70 year old, who I bumped into on the track. Transport: The best solution is to park your car at the Ohakune Mountain Road, and arrange to be dropped back at the Desert Road entry point. I would advise against leaving your car at the Desert Road end. It is rather remote, whereas at the other end, there are usually sevaral cars parked, and much more activity. I made enquiries, and there is a firm in Ohakune who can do it for about $50. Contact the Taupo Information Centre who have me the number. The Round The Mountain Track on the southern side of the mountain is absolutely superb. Perfect for overnight trips from Ohakune Mountain Road to Mangahuehu Hut, Blyth Hut, or Mangaturuturu Hut. Mangatururu Hut is only about 1 hour off the road and a wonderful spot. I was there last month.
    29 January 2010
  • ashdave Hi Roderick, We are group of colleague from a Auckland's tertiary education institution (IT People), who are wanting to do a 2-days tramping (very similar) to the one suggested by you between the Desert Road and which ends at the Ohakune Mountain Road. We are planning to do 2 nights stay (first night at Rangipo Hut and second at Mangaehuehu Hut). We have some people who have done Tongoriro Crossing couple of times. and there are few NEW people who are reasonably fit but very little or no tramping experience. Could you please advise us, if we plan this track what is the difficulty level it is compared to standard tongaririo crossing track? Is it advisable to take 10-11 year old one? On the other hand we are thinking following option: Start from Ohakuni Mountain road and go up to Mangaehuehu Hut stay night there and come back same route to Mountain road entry point. ------------------------- We are concerned about distance between start and finishing point (desert road and Mountain Road) do we have to split our vehicle and drop some cars at Ohahuni Mountainn Road entry and drive in remaining cars to Desert road and start from there? I would really appreciate if you could advise anything in this matter. Kind regards and Salute to you several successful tramping trips :) Ash My e-mail address is:
    8 January 2010
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