Black Wolf's Mantis II Tent

Black Wolf's Mantis II Tent

A great little 2 berth tent that is both cheap and light.


  • Honora Honora Quite a steep profile around the headspace. You have to make sure you pitch it footfirst into the wind. If the wind changes, you'll get blown about! Like the generous doorspace.
    13 October 2009
  • Alcathazmat Alcathazmat There is a second little hoop pole over the foot end that holds it up securely, even when wet. Last weekend I got stuck up the Mangahoe in torrential rain and gale force southerlies. I was impressed with how stable the tent was in the wind, and it was still the exact same shape in the morning (other than being covered in leaves). However, I must stress, it's a tight fit for two. Brush your teeth before bed :o)
    2 October 2009
  • pmcke pmcke Looks like a fine little tent. I only wonder how that wedge shape to the left goes. The idea is obviously to maximise space around your head and allow the roof to be lower around your feet. Only problem is that there is a large area of unsupported roof there and it may sag a bit when wet. I have seen tents with this style looking a bit sad in the morning and the occupants fighting the damp. How have you found it?
    1 October 2009
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