Ruakokoputuna Chasm 3

Ruakokoputuna Chasm 3

Stunning limestone scenery in the Wairarapa.


  • Alcathazmat Alcathazmat The Ruakokoputuna Valley is in the hills behind Martinborough towards White Rock. The road goes up to the Haurangi Forest Park and Waikuku Lodge. The farmer at Putuna Farm used to run guided walks through the Chasm, but I don't know if he still does. I get the feeling there is a general reluctance from farmers in this area to let people on their land now, what with the closing of public access to the Blue Creek Glowworm Caves, etc. My attitude is still be careful and try not to get caught.
    29 September 2009
  • Haqii Haqii This looks awesome, where is it?
    28 September 2009
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