Mid Wiohine Hut

Mid Wiohine Hut

Nice setting beside the beautiful upper Waiohine River.


  • Ruger Ruger I'm sorry Alcathazmat I can't agree with you there a very narrow minded view. Likewise if a made the comment that all Forest Bird Members support the aerial application of 1080 that too would be inaccurate.
    3 October 2009
  • aardvark aardvark Anyone with any maturity would admit that the title is irrelevant. Hunters,Trampers Whatever. They are all capable of anything. Nothing should surprise you by now. It's just human nature to identify with people of a like mind.
    3 October 2009
  • BOUNDEROFADVENTURE BOUNDEROFADVENTURE a fairly one eyed observation,yes this hut has been popular with hunters for decades but i think you could assume that trampers are guilty of this too,its really dependant on the maturity of the individual,fair go mate?
    2 October 2009
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