The second night out on a remote ridge in the Pisa range

The second night out on a remote ridge in the Pisa range

Our next destination was the Snow Park on the horizon. We could see a light or two the night before. Kathryn finishes breaking camp while i quickly snap a shot. It was too cold at dawn to bother with photos when the emphasis was to pack and keep moving to get warm. I'd have liked a photo before taking the tent down.


  • aardvark aardvark It doesn't sound all that fantastic when you tell people the Pisa Range extends between Cromwell, Wanaka and Queenstown. Not being in a National Park and all. For that reason you hardly see anyone. The Pisa range reaches 1900m appx and has been used to make up to 200 movies including 10000BC and Willow. Car testing by international companies occurs regularly. The Snow Park and Snow Farm offer a whole range of activities. We spent three days from Cromwell to the Snow Park where we enjoyed their hospitality and a yarn with John Lee who has spent 73 yrs in the Cardrona valley. It's another day or two to Wanaka.
    5 October 2009
  • peter1945 peter1945 Fantastic - you guys must have been cold. Where exactly were you tramping? Cheers, Peter.
    4 October 2009
  • Alcathazmat Alcathazmat Wow, what a great spot to camp. Glad you took the time to snap the shot.
    28 September 2009
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